Outdoors Program 


Adjoining our primary classrooms is the garden area. All ages come together within this carefully prepared environment. The children explore many aspects of nature. Some of the activities in the garden are hoeing, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, herb tasting, flower arranging, hammering, sweeping, composting, caring for the bird feeders and caring for our domesticated as well as our visiting wild animals. We hope to awaken in each child a lifelong love and respect for our Earth and all its creatures.


Maria Montessori taught us to see a spiritual oneness with the child and nature. She states in The Montessori Method, “…man still belongs to nature, and especially when he is a child, he…draws from it the forces necessary to the development of the body and the spirit. We have intimate communications with nature which have an influence, even a material influence, on the growth of the body.”