Policies for Peace 

“Peace is not just the absence of war. It is also the way we treat each other in our daily lives, the way we communicate, and the way we solve problems.”


Each Children’s House Montessori School staff member is expected to model and teach appropriate behavior. Each Children’s House Montessori School student is expected to exhibit the following appropriate behaviors.

  • Our CHMS students must relate respectfully to all adults and fellow students.

  • Our CHMS students should be kind, caring, courteous, cooperative and inclusive of other students.

  • Our CHMS students must exhibit self control and self discipline.

  • Our CHMS students must be non-violent and must develop and use problem solving skills.

  • Our CHMS students should be assertive not aggressive when standing up for themselves or others.

  • Our CHMS students who witness aggression, violent behavior or threatening behavior should report it to an adult.

These are clear expectations and should be discussed with students as needed.

Policies for addressing inappropriate behavior

Our purpose is to teach children to develop self control not to punish negative behavior. When a student exhibits inappropriate behavior we use the following strategies.

  • We will redirect the child to another work or another space.

  • We will partner the child with an adult until he/she is able to control him/herself appropriately.

  • We will teach the student how to handle a problem with another student on his own, how to get help when he/she cannot handle the problem, and how to tell the difference.

Policies for addressing acts of aggression or violence, threatening or intimidating behavior

Acts of aggression, violence or threats of violence will be addressed by the administrator.

  • The students involved will be addressed personally by the administrator.

  • Parents of the students involved will be notified immediately.

  • A meeting with each parent, student, teacher and administrator will take place as soon as is possible.

  • A written report of the incident with any injuries noted and the consequences instated will be given to the parent and placed in the student’s file.

  • In dealing with repeated offenses the administrator has the right to suspend or expel any child.