Toddler Program 


The Toddler Program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children ages 18 months to 3 years. The environment is rich in opportunities for physical, sensorial, intellectual and social learning. The classroom is designed to foster independence.  Everything is custom made and child sized.

The Toddler experiences a biological necessity to move. The rapidly developing bones, muscles and nerves demand exercise. Gross motor control and large muscle movement are an integral part of the Toddler Program.

Language activities are equally important, as the child from birth to three is in the most sensitive period of language development. Throughout the day, vocabulary enrichment is developed through the use of real objects, language cards, songs, stories and conversations.

Toddlers develop movement and self-help skills through practical life experiences such as food preparation, care of plants, carrying chairs, rolling mats and sponging tables. They are encouraged to dress and undress themselves. Through their own observation the children develop an interest in toilet training and are encouraged to use the toilet independently. This is a gradual process, which is handled with great sensitivity.

The young child’s brain is growing at a tremendous pace. Both Dr. Montessori’s observations and modern brain imaging show that the young child’s brain is a source of enormous potential and promise, where neuronal pathways in regular use are reinforced and those ignored or neglected are pruned away. Each of those brain connections is a platform for future learning; we must make sure children have as varied and stimulating an environment as possible to give scope to all their talents.